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Nationwide Tax Lien and Deed Underwriting Due Diligence Software

Blazing Underwriting Speed

Your Lighthouse technical infrastructure is built and optimized for speed because, in this industry, time is money.

Unprecedented Nationwide Coverage

Over 1,600,000+ yearly parcels for review and purchase at your fingertips.

Unparalleled Search & Filtering Capability

Query and filter by any data field within Lighthouse to find your diamonds in the rough.

Lighthouse In Action

Lighthouse removes the guesswork out of the due diligence process. Every auction, every parcel, and all data points are at your disposal.

SDA has partnered with the Tax Sale Resources team to bring you the best conglomerate of parcel-level data available in the market.

The Tax Sale Resources team has compiled the industry best data sources, run each point through multiple rounds of quality assurance and quality control, and uploaded them to the Lighthouse server for your untethered consumption.

Check out a quick demo below, and once you realize you can never go back to the old clunky way fo auction due diligence, contact us right away so we can solve all of your current and future heartburn.

Perfectly Integrated Solution

Lighthouse has the same technical infrastructure as SDA Solutions’ Speedboat platform. This infrastructure enables you and your team to complete your nationwide tax lien, redeemable deed, and deed due diligence and servicing within the same application. After the liens and deeds are underwritten and purchased at auction, the parcel details and information can transfer seamlessly to servicing.

Our goal is to provide you a complete one-stop-shop software experience for all your Tax Lien, Deed, and REO needs. Lighthouse helps to complete the asset lifecycle management cycle. 

Lighthouse Adapts to Your Workflow

Lighthouse’s flexibility allows you to choose where and how you work, whether you prefer to do your underwriting in an Excel spreadsheet or using the speed and visual appeal of the web application, either option is available due to our advanced export and import functionality. 

Due Diligence By The Numbers

Total Yearly Parcels Liens

Total Yearly Tax Deeds

# of Jurisdictions


Nation-wide Auction Coverage

Data Points Per Parcel

States Included

Features, Functionality, and Benefits

The SDA team utilized the input and feedback of tax lien and deed industry professionals, ranging from large institutional investors to new family office funds, to develop Lighthouse from the ground up. The combined feedback has produced a robust application specifically designed from the ground up for you and your team.

  • Work Online or Offline
  • Bulk Changes
  • Nationwide Search
  • Toggle by Filtered Search
  • Integrated Platform 
  • Untethered Access
  • Import and Export
  • Tag, Grade, & Group Parcels
  • Unrivaled Speed
  • Data You Can Trust
  • 24/7 Support
  • Auction Specific Notes

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The SDA team will set-up a personalized demo based on your data and due diligence needs.

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